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Equipment Financing

Financing Tool
How often have you lost a sale due to “no budget”? Now you can easily overcome this objection with ecoInsight’s fully integrated financing tool. Gain a competitive edge with no hassles and all the rewards. Equipment leasing is the way to go!
financing tool

Chose from multiple lease financing options to see which ones will provide positive cash flows year over year.


Effortlessly add a financing proposal and credit application to your project proposals, which makes it even easier for your clients to do business with you!

Leverage the Long Term Benefits of Equipment Financing!


Conserve Capital & Credit Availability

Leasing conserves your operating capital by avoiding significant up-front investment in equipment and allows you to maintain liquidity on existing lines of credit.

No More Financial Covenants or Blanket Liens

Unlike bank loans and other alternative financing, leasing is an easy and convenient process. Often, all we require is a one-page application for any request up to $100,000. Lease agreements are typically secured by a UCC1 filing on the equipment, not a blanket filing usually associated with borrowing from a bank.

Boost Your Purchasing Power

You may need a $50,000 lighting retrofit, but your available budget may allow you only $25,000. With equipment leasing, you no longer have to settle for a partial solution or defer the project and lose out on potential energy savings. Act now.

Choose Flexible Lease Terms for Faster Approvals

Lease terms can be customized to your unique needs and are generally more flexible than conventional loan products. The terms of a lease can be defined to meet tax situations, cash flows and equipment needs. With ecoInsight, financing is convenient and fast. Quotes are immediate and approvals only take up to 72 hours.

No More Rate Adjustment or Re-qualifying

Leasing is not subject to market fluctuations and interest rate increases. You can negotiate terms and make up-front monthly payment to secure a fixed rate for the life of the lease. This makes it easier to project cash flows and budgets for planning purposes. Unlike bank loans, you are not required to re-qualify each year to maintain the lease terms.

Our financing partners include:

Dori Capital