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Introducing Our New Premium Edition

This financial year, our users will close over $1.5 billion in new business using ecoInsight

ecoInsight Premium Edition

The lighting industry is changing rapidly and you need a software platform that helps you grow your business. ecoInsight’s Premium Edition is a powerful, easy-to-use solution designed to remove the complexity of the retrofit process. From years of experience, we understand the biggest challenges you face each day. From a new teaming framework that allows you to deploy multiple lighting auditors simultaneously on large audits to improved tools for managing manufacturing catalog data, ecoInsight’s Premium Edition will help you scale your business.

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Powerful Lighting Retrofit Software Made Simple

ecoInsight’s Premium Edition is designed for lighting professions that want to scale their business and increase their capacity to generate lighting retrofit proposals. The ecoInsight platform is used by industry leading electrical distributors, electrical contractors and energy service companies (ESCO’s) to improve the efficiency of conducting lighting audits and developing the most financially compelling lighting proposals for their customers.

ecoInsight Premium Edition Highlights

  • Support for Audit Teams

    Do you have a large lighting audit to complete? Do you need to deploy more than one lighting auditor, maybe even a team of auditors? No problem! ecoInsight Premium Edition supports audit teams allowing you to easily, accurately and efficiently integrate the audit data from multiple lighting auditors at the click of a button.

  • Customizable Proposal Framework

    Leverage a new comprehensive and flexible proposal framework that allows you to customize your proposals and deliver a compelling, persuasive message to your customer.

  • Product Data Management

    Manufacturing product data is always difficult to maintain. Yet, having current, accurate data can mean the difference between winning and losing that project. ecoInsight Premium Edition’s new product data search tools will provide you a competitive advantage.

NextGen Testimonial

"Months after it began, we were brought in on a $250k LED retrofit project that had all but been committed to our competitor. With ecoInsight, we won the job. The client sent me a congratulatory email saying, “Your bid proposal was far superior to your competitor’s and very professionally presented.” ecoInsight gave us the competitive edge required to win this client’s business and their trust."

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